Am I eligible to purchase Habit Essential?

Habit Essential was designed for people who 1) cannot take the Habit Core test, 2) would like to try Habit with less cost/time commitment, 3) have existing lab work from their doctor or lab and might not want to take the Habit Core test.  For our limited release, we are offering it specifically to people in our database who aren’t yet eligible to purchase Habit Core. This includes residents of NY, NJ and RI, women who are pregnant/nursing, and people who do not want to consume the Habit Challenge™ Shake (due to milk allergy or avoiding dairy).  

Currently, both Habit Essential and Habit Core cannot support people with diabetes.  People with prediabetes may purchase Habit Essential OR Habit Core (though you may wish to check with your primary physician prior to purchase). It is our goal to provide Habit Essential to people with diabetes in the future, as part of an integrated DPP approved Coaching program.  

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