What is Habit Essential?

Habit Essential is a new product from Habit that crafts personalized nutrition recommendations based on your self-reported data and existing blood test values. To complete Habit Essential, you take a simple, online questionnaire and enter 4-5 existing nutrition-related blood test values from your doctor or lab. The questionnaire takes about 10 minutes and your personalized plan is immediately unlocked following completion.   

You will receive:  

  • A review of your nutrition-related lab values and specifically, how they inform your carbs, fats and protein recommendations
  • A personalized nutrition plan, which includes your ideal plate, daily food guide, and top-ranked foods in each food group 
  • An explanation of why we’re recommending certain foods/nutrients
  • Recommendations for new eating habits that have an impact for you
  • A quick start meal plan and new recipes every week 
  • Access to the MyHabit app to track your new eating patterns, meals, and weight journey
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