Where do I find my lab test results?

Every healthcare provider or lab has a different way of sending test values, but most are now using electronic medical records (EMR), which can be accessed via your provider’s secure online portal. You might also have a link in your email from your healthcare provider/lab with a PDF attachment.

Depending on the lab, there might be alternate names for some of your lab test values on your lab report.  We’ve summarized those in the table below. 

Lab Value

Alternate Names

LDL Cholesterol

Low Density Lipoprotein, Cholesterol, “Bad Cholesterol,” LDL-C

HDL Cholesterol

High Density Lipoprotein, Cholesterol, “Good Cholesterol,” HDL-C


TAG, Tg, TG, Triacylglyceride, Triacylglycerol

Total Cholesterol

Cholesterol, Chol, Cholesterol Total, T. Chol

Fasting Glucose

Fasting Blood Glucose, FBG, Fasting Blood Sugar, FBS, Fasting Plasma Glucose, FPG

(Note: For our limited release launch, we are only supporting the most common unit measurement in the USA: mg/dL (or, milligrams per deciliter).  Your results should be in this unit of measure.)


If you still can’t find your lab test values after referencing the table, we can try to assist if you email a picture to our customer service team (support@habit.com).

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