Are you a weight loss program?

Habit is centered on general health and wellness, and we use your biology to provide you with personalized nutrition information for what foods best fuel your body. However, once you get your nutrition plan you’ll have the opportunity to add a weight loss goal. We’ll adjust the calories in your plan as needed and update your recommendations across food groups and servings.

Our adjustments to your plan target a weight loss of .5-2 lbs per week, based on your intensity selection. If you change your mind, you can always change or delete your weight loss goal.

Please note, Habit does not guarantee weight loss results and results will vary. Weight loss with Habit is designed for no more than .5-2.0 lbs per week as part of a calorie controlled diet and will depend on your individual goals. Habit takes a comprehensive approach to achieving weight loss that includes biology-based nutrition recommendations, digital tools like food journaling, activity tracking with FitBit®, and goal tracking.

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