Am I eligible to take the test?

The Habit Challenge Shake has been extensively tested on a wide range of ages, heights, body types, with both sexes, and has been determined to be the ideal composition available for a broad audience. However, unfortunately our nutrition Test Kit is not available for individuals who:

  • Are under 18 years of age
  • Are a person with diabetes
  • Are currently pregnant or lactating
  • Have undergone any form of bypass surgery

Please see below for additional information regarding eligibility.


Under 18

If you are under 18 years of age please do not submit any personal information to Habit.

People with Diabetes

Unfortunately, the Physicians Network that we work with in setting test criteria determined that the Habit Shake is unsuitable for individuals with diabetes at this time.

Pregnant or lactating

Your body undergoes many changes while pregnant which can affect your test results. Additionally, our physicians network has advised against women who are pregnant or breastfeeding consuming the Habit Challenge Beverage.


Due to the composition of the challenge beverage there is a concern regarding a possible adverse effect in response to consuming such a high concentration of sugar and carbs in such a short time frame for individuals having undergone any form of bypass surgery. At this time we do not advise attempting to test.

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