What is included in Habit Core?

Habit Core

Habit Core is an at-home nutrition test kit that helps you understand how your body uniquely responds to food, including:

  • How your body handles protein, carbs, and fats
  • Your ideal caloric intake
  • What your genetics and blood indicators say about your nutrition needs
  • Daily food servings, hero foods assignments, a sample weekly meal guide, and personalized recipes tailored to your Habit Tribe

The kit includes several components which help us gather a snapshot of your nutrition-related biology, including:

  • The Habit Challenge™ Shake: our proprietary mixed macronutrient beverage used to understand how your body responds to carbs, fats, and protein
  • Blood samples collection materials:  you’ll collect three blood samples at several time intervals before and after the Shake, which will be analyzed for how your body responds to those macronutrients
  • Core measurement: you’ll measure your core (measured directly around your navel) using the provided tape measure
  • Digital questionnaire: during the test, you’ll fill a brief online questionnaire to give us some additional information about yourself, such as your height, weight, and self reported physical activity
  • DNA swabs: (unless you purchase the DNA import option) you’ll swab your cheeks three times and your samples will be analyzed only for specific genetic variants that may affect your nutrition needs

After you complete your test you will mail your samples to our 3rd party CLIA and CAP certified lab using the provided shipping materials, and in approximately 6 weeks your results will be posted to your account.

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