How do Habit Meals work?

Habit Meals is the first fresh meal delivery service that is personalized for your biology. We create delicious, wholesome meals that are tailored to your unique nutritional needs. Our meals don’t require any cooking or prepping and are delivered fresh and ready to heat or enjoy cold.

Habit Meals are currently available in the San Francisco Bay Area. Here’s how it works:

  1. You complete the Nutrition Test Kit and get your results.

We use your results to determine your ideal balance of carbs, fats, and protein, and to figure out which nutrients you may benefit from or need more of.

  1. We create a custom menu for you based on your results and preferences.

Every meal on your menu fits your ideal carb-fat-protein ratio. We also dress up your meals with nutrient-specific foods, depending on your results and nutrition plan. Here are some more details about how we personalize your meals.

On our chef-crafted menu, you’ll find lightened-up versions of your favorite comfort foods, bowls and salads made with the season’s finest produce, our globally inspired creations, and much more.

We can also customize your meals to fit several food preferences including vegetarian, pescatarian, no gluten, no fish, no dairy, and no red meat.

  1. You sign up for a subscription plan and choose your meals.

We offer a subscription plan that you can customize to your needs. When you order your meals for the week, you can choose either zero, three, or five meals for each mealtime (breakfast, lunch, and dinner).

Breakfasts start at $7.99 each and lunches and dinners start at $13.50 each. There are no meal delivery fees. Your subscription auto-renews each week, and you can pause or cancel at any time. Here are more details about our subscription plan.

Each Sunday, we’ll let you know when your custom menu is ready. You’ll have until Tuesday at midnight to choose your meals, which will be delivered in batches starting the following Monday.

  1. We deliver fresh, ready-to-heat meals to your doorstep.

You can pick from two delivery days (Monday and Wednesday) and three time timeslots (before 7 a.m., 8 a.m.–12 p.m., 4–8 p.m.).

Your meals are delivered in temperature-controlled, sustainable packaging. Once refrigerated, your meals are good for up to three days. We’ll also help you recycle the packaging.

All we need to get cooking for you are your Nutrition Test results, so order your kit today. If you already have your results, sign in to see what’s on the menu.

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