How do the meal subscriptions work?

You can sign up for Habit Meals after you receive your Nutrition Test results and nutrition plan.

We use your results to create delicious, wholesome meals that are tailored to your unique nutritional needs. Our meals don’t require any cooking or prepping and are delivered fresh and ready to heat or enjoy cold.

We offer a subscription plan that you can customize from week to week. Here’s how it works:

1. You pick the number of meals you’d like to order and set a delivery schedule.

You can order fully prepared, personalized meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner, or all of the above.

When you order your meals for the week, you can choose either zero, three, or five meals for each mealtime. 

For example, one week you could order three breakfasts, zero lunches, and five dinners, and the next week you could adjust your order to something different.

Breakfasts start at $7.99 each and lunches and dinners start at $13.50 each (the more meals you order, the better the value). There are no delivery fees. Your subscription auto-renews each week, and you can pause or cancel at any time.

You can also pick from two delivery days (Monday and Wednesday) and three time timeslots (before 7 a.m.,  8 a.m.–12 p.m., 4–8 p.m.), whichever is most convenient for you.

2. Each week, you review your meal options.

Each Sunday, we’ll let you know when your custom menu is ready. You’ll have until Tuesday at 11:59 p.m. PST to choose your meals, and your order will be submitted at midnight.

If you sign up for a subscription between Sunday and Tuesday, you can choose your meals right away. They’ll be delivered the following week, starting on Monday.

If you sign up between Wednesday and Saturday, you can choose your first week’s meals starting on Sunday (we’ll send you an email when your menu is ready). They’ll be delivered the week after your order is submitted, starting on the following Monday.

That gives us time to source the finest ingredients we can find and turn them into five-star flavors. Our chefs even make all of our sauces and dressings from scratch (sriracha too!)

3. We personalize, cook, and deliver your meals.

We'll deliver your meals in batches one to two times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays, depending on your delivery schedule. Your subscription auto-renews each week, and you can pause or cancel at any time.

All we need to get cooking for you are your Nutrition Test results, so order your kit today. If you already have your results, sign in to see what’s on the menu.

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