What is the Nutrition Test Kit?

The Nutrition Test Kit is an at-home kit that helps you understand how your body uniquely responds to food, including:

  • How your body handles carbs and fats
  • Your protein need
  • Your ideal caloric ratio of carbs, fats, and protein
  • Which nutrients you need more of or may benefit from
  • What your genetics and blood indicators say about your nutrition needs

The kit includes several components that together give you a snapshot of your nutrition-related biology, including:

    • The Habit Challenge™ Shake: used to understand how your body responds to carbs, fats, and protein
    • Blood samples: you’ll collect three samples (one before drinking the shake and two after), which will be analyzed for various nutrition-related indicators
    • DNA samples: you’ll swab your cheeks three times and your samples will be analyzed for genetic variants that may affect your nutrition needs
    • Core measurement: you’ll measure your core (a.k.a. waist) using the provided tape measure
    • Digital questionnaire: during the test, you’ll fill out an online questionnaire to give us information about yourself, like your height and weight

After you complete the test, you’ll mail your blood and DNA samples to a lab. We use your results to create two things: a biology report, which is an easy-to-understand walkthrough of your results, and a nutrition plan that’s personalized to your unique needs.

For more details, check out our science page or see these questions:

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